19 June 2011

Krivoklat (Czech Republic)

Krivoklat (pronounced Kzhee-vo-klat) was once owned by Czech kings (what wasn't in this region?), but lost its prominence after being turned into a "harsh" prison castle. Leaving Prague, it's on the way to Karlovy Vary, about 45 minutes into the trip. We like to take American visitors here, as (along with Karlstejn) it's one of the best "fairy tale castles" in the area, built on a mountaintop and overlooking the valley.


07 January 2008

Devin (Bratislava, Sovakia)

Devin (pronounced "Deh-veen") sits atop a rock formation where the Danube and Morava rivers converge. The castle remained relatively intact until Napoleon's army blew it up in 1809 (the reasons for which are unclear). Devin is about a 5 minute drive from Bratislava, Slovakia.

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